Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reading Rocks - Geeky Luv: Ready Player One

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If you liked the Netflix show Stranger Things due to its 1980's throw-back pop-culture references and nostalgia: you will LOVE this book.

How can I do this book justice with a mere review? It had me in the first chapter.  Less then six minutes into the audiobook and the author quotes 1984's Ghostbusters - I was hooked. I listened to the entire book with a big, stupid grin on my face because it made me feel like a kid again!

If you played, enjoyed (or liked watching people play or enjoy) any of the following in the 1980's:

- home video games
- arcade games
- movies
- Dungeons & Dragons
- tv shows
- music

If you were born in the 1970's you will love this book.

I have only ever read a book twice in my life (and that was because I read it for school the first time and couldn't remember most of the book 20 years later). I finished the audiobook at 9:00am on my way into work and at 5:05pm I started it again from the beginning.

The premise:  In 2044 society has wrecked the planet.  A virtual reality game called The Oasis has replaced internet, school, games, socializing - many people live more in The Oasis then in real life (think Matrix but with people fully aware they are in a VR).  The creator of the Oasis dies and wills his vast fortune and company to whoever can find an ester egg he has hidden in the game.  To do this one must first find 3 keys that open 3 gates.  It's a treasure hunt with a race to the end; good vs. evil set in a VR reality where knowing the pop-culture of the 1980's will help you get ahead of everyone.

Wil Weaton did a great job reading the audiobook. Knowing how much of a geek he is for D&D makes me wonder if he requested to read the book or if the producer approached him.

In 2018 the movie adaptation will be released. It looks like they have created some charaters and taken some important ones out  BOO! The fan base for this book will be hard to please (lots of us will be paying close attention to the deets). Do yourself a HUGE favor - read the book before the movie comes out. You won't be disappointed.

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