Saturday, September 17, 2016

How Amazon Prime Saved Christmas

(I have not been solicited or paid by anyone or any company for this review, I just love the product)

I have 2 kids, currently 8 and 10.  Both are fickle when it comes to the question "what do you want for Christmas?".

Last year I decided to buy everything online (avoid the lines and parking). I bought a Amazon Prime Membership and this is how it saved my Christmas:

Free 2-day shipping (no min $):

December 20 my then 7 year old says he can't wait for Santa to bring him the "marble game" he asked for.  This was unfortunately the first I heard of this gift.  I quickly found the game online and thought "there is no way it will get here by Xmas Eve".  Not only did I get the game before the 24th, I got it the next day!  My son was so happy Santa remembered.

Free returns:

Kids change their mind on what they want?  No problem - free returns.  I get it within 2 days and don't have to worry about not getting it.  Kid wants something else, I return item no questions asked.

Early Access to Lighting Deals:

Last year my son wanted the Nerf Centurion - at the time it was $99 CAD in the stores.  At 20% off that's a tall order (even for Santa).  What pops up in my Amazon Prime Deals one day in November?  A Nerf Centurion for $35.99 CAD (with free, 2-day shipping).  Boom.

One, $5 Item? - no shipping

Want Nerf darts to go along with it, but forgot to order them with the gun?  No problem - Prime Members get free shipping regardless of amount spent!  That's right, no more topping up your cart with $5 more dollars you don't want to spend just to get that free shipping!  I've ordered Band-aids, paper plates, Cascade Dish Tabs, batteries, felt pens, even garbage cans - all on their own orders for less than $25.  I also use my membership for work purchases and will sometimes place 3 orders on the same day.

There are other benefits I don't take advantage of (20% off diapers - plus diapers delivered to your home! and free unlimited photo storage in cloud.  Give it a try and save your Christmas.

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