Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review - World War Z, by Max Brooks

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By far one of the most enjoyable productions I've experienced - each chapter is a story from a different person, and each person was played beautifully by a different actor. I love that Max Brooks (the author) is the interviewer/narrator. 

Very unique perspective on how societies (specifically different cultures within societies all over the world) would react to, deal with, and finally continue life after the zombie apocalypse.

It's smart, unique and powerful. Some stories are gripping, others are just accounts. What I found most interesting was the author's ability to write from so many perspectives - and believably so.  More than once I found myself marveling at the amount of research and thought that went into this creation.

Max Brooks delves into SO many details and aspects that have (to my knowledge) never been considered in other zombie movies/books - e.g. what happens to the undead when they fall into the ocean? What about someone who is agoraphobic? How would Japan handle the infection? Russia? Cuba? What happens in different climates? or 12 years after the outbreak?  

Written far before Walking Dead, this book asks a lot of the same questions the writers of the graphic novel & show must ask themselves when considering issues the survivors have to handle.

It's not a traditional "follow a character beginning to end" story.  At no point does the author make you think that it will be - infact Mr. Brooks is very clear right from the start that it is an oral history of individual experiences from around the world. It's an interviewer traveling the world asking people about specific moments in the (now) history of the zombie war. You don't even read about the narrator's travels - the characters have nothing to do with each other.  Essentially it's a bunch of short monologue-type stories put in chronological order.

4/5 stars - Great book, fabulous audio rendition - nothing to do with the movie.

(Nathan Fillion plays the voice of the Canadian soldier!  - yay! get your geek on!)  

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