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Zombie Awareness Month - Really?

Nothing like the fear of a potential apocalypse to bring the world together. Yes, apparently May is  - 
International Zombie Awareness Month no, really, it's on Wikipedia so it MUST be true! (eye role).
From the movie Warm Bodies (great book!)

Don't get me wrong, I love zombies (movies, books, audio-books) , I have close friends who take part in the Toronto Zombie Walk every year.  I suppose I take a bit of offence at the potential to take away from legitimate awareness raising - that is unless some one wonders:  "Zombie Awareness Month... I wonder what other awareness months there are?".

With that in mind, and although it's nearing the end of May, I share with you the awareness campaigns (for the living) in North America for the month of May

*Note: I downloaded this jpg and am therefore unable to make additions/changes.
Please leave a comment below if you notice a cause/colour missing. 

Canadian Awareness Campaigns:
(as listed by
Full Month:



United States of America:
(as listed by Awareness Depot)*

Full Month:

  • 1-7: (same dates each Year) National Physical Education and Sports Week
  • 2-8: Children's Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 2-8: North American Occupational Safety and Health Awareness Week
  • 2-8: International Building Safety Week
  • 2-8: Be Kind to Animals Week
  • 2-8: Brain Tumor Action Week
  • 9-15: National Hospitals Week
  • 6-12: (same dates each year) National Nurses Week
  • 3-7: National Mental Health Counseling Week
  • 9-15: Food Allergy Awareness Week
  • 9-15: National Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Birth Defects Week
  • 9-15: (Mother's Day Week) National Nursing Home Week
  • 9-15: (Mother's Day Week) Women's Health Week
  • 17-21: (third week in May) Bike to Work Week
  • 17-23: National Hepatitis Awareness Week
  • 23-29: (last full week) Older Americans Mental Health Week
  • 24-30: Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week
  • 24-June 6: Buckle Up America! Week/Click It or Ticket

  • 1: Join Hands Day, Youth and Adults Volunteering Together
  • 3: Melanoma Monday
  • 6: Childhood Depression Awareness Day
  • 6: (first Monday in May) Project ACES Day (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)
  • 8: (same date each year) World Cross/Red Crescent Day
  • 8: World Fair Trade Day
  • 8: Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day
  • 10: National Woman's Checkup Day
  • 11: (first Thursday) National Day of Prayer 12 Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
  • 12: (same date each year) School Nurse Day
  • 18: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
  • 19: (third Wednesday) National Employee Health and Fitness Day
  • 19: World Hepatitis Day
  • 19: National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • 26: National Senior National Health and Fitness Day
  • 31: World No Tobacco Day

*Note:  in previous posts I listed US awareness days as found on Wikipedia.  However, after researching I discovered that the list found at was more comprehensive. 

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