Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Journey to The Zoo

I'm excited to announce that I will be featured on the blog:  Journeys of The Zoo for the month of November!  Sarah asked me to write a piece for her "I Am Canadian" Feature and Linky about me and my blog.

It’s difficult to write about yourself.  It’s also difficult to write about why I write and blog.  I could say it’s an “outlet”, but that really doesn't capture the emotions and satisfaction I get from writing about the things and people that bring joy to my life. 

My blog isn’t a “touchy-feely, I’m so lucky to have …” nor is it a soapbox for my life’s laments, nor is it strictly a product review and PR site.  

I find humor in life after my kids; in their reactions to situations, in my reactions to them; I find comfort knowing that I’m not the only parent who feels like it’s often harder than it should be and so I share my stories.  I also like to pass on knowledge that I’ve found helpful, or recommend books or products that have made my day a bit brighter or easier.  These are the things I blog about.

There’s a “gratitude” philosophy that has been building in North America.  I tried keeping a “gratitude journal”, only to find that to be truly grateful for what I have, I needed to reflect on what I've lost. 

I have experienced different types of loss in the past 12 years.  It’s shaped me.  Sometimes it moves me, sometimes I move it.  I feared I was going to become a bitter “life is loss” old lady with 15 cats and a hump back.  I was close to that place, I felt it, I held it, I took comfort along the edges of it.

Early this year I made a life changing decision.  I was tired of talk therapy and medications.  It was time to try something new - EMDR treatments (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  After only 4 sessions, my seven years of oppressive grief lifted.  I am able to think about and write about my loss without re-experiencing it.  If you have suffered from any type of trauma (mine was a combination of many “small t” traumas), I strongly recommend you look into this treatment.  It has literally changed my perspective on life, and in doing so has changed my ability to live. 

Writing has become my passion again, a passion that was lost a long time ago.  I remember life before my kids as "shiney and fairy tale-ish".  I am a fairy tale nut, and so I have reflected on the last 15 years as such.

My tale begins 15 years ago, in a land not so far away... (to read my fairy tale on Journeys of The Zoo click here)
Personally I think we look happier and healthier AFTER kids!


  1. I have enjoyed watching your journey over the last year, Charity, as I see many parallels with my own. You are an inspiration. We have been through many of the same obstacles and I find hope in your optimism.
    Like you, I love to write. In fact, after losing my job in the spring I thought I would focus a lot more time on my writing. If people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to write. These past six months have been the perfect opportunity. So what happened?
    Well, like you, I found myself in a state of depression and anxiety. As a result, although I wanted to focus on my writing, my feelings have left me in a state of writer's block. I sit at the screen and have no idea what to say. My creative juices are drained, blocked behind this wall of worry.
    I applaud you for your ability to get beyond that and focus on what you love. Keep it up. You are doing a great job and I know it will pay off for you in the long run. There is a great satisfaction in doing what you love.

    1. Wow. Thank you for this Laura. We will both find our way again. The path is there, it's just covered in leaves right now :)

  2. I am honoured to have you share your story with me and my readers.

    I absolutely love your writing style and hope that you will continue to provide us with thought provoking content.

    You guys look a bit stunned in the first picture. Still have any of those stautes in the background? The clock?

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    Blogging about Family Life and Reviews with a side of Humour

    1. That was taken at my mom's place I think in the first week or so we were dating. And, yes she still has those statues (I grew up with the two on the outside). We met 10 years ago Oct. 30. Amazing how times flies!

  3. Charity, I loved reading your story on Sarah's blog and loved reading this post too. I am not much of a writer but I used to be an avid reader (before kids of course) and love the way you write.

    Yes, you both look happier after kids.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I appreciate the feedback. I love writing and never know what's going to come out next. It's an exciting process.