Tuesday, September 04, 2012

$10,000 to Store Toys! WTF?!

How (and why) the heck dose one spend $10,000 on toy storage???  Allow me to digress:

For 10 years our basement flooded every spring.  We came to expect it.  We went through three sump pumps, bought 50 feet of PVC tubing (so we could pump it out the back door when the pump line froze), and made a point of checking the basement every few days before bed - FOR 10 YEARS.

In 2010 we lost everything that wasn't metal or in a large Rubbermaid container (most upsetting was our Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree we inherited from my mother-in-law).  The pump's floaty thing got caught on a piece of wood and we ended up with 2 FEET of water (see photo below).

My husband got to the far side of the room before I yelled "STOP!" - the water was a inch away from a live receptacle (where the sump pump was plugged in).

(in pic 2, you can see the receptacle just above the piece of floating wood)
(you can also see our submerged dehumidifier behind him)

After a decade of flooding, this was the LAST straw.  We had tried everything we could think of without getting professional help.  Time to call in the "big guns".  We spent $10,000 water proofing the room with Omni Basement Systems (I highly recommend them), and turned the room into a LONG ANTICIPATED, toy-room (YAY!) 

Finally, no more toys sprawled across our small (1,300 sq') home!  No more stepping on Hot Wheels or Legos, no more Nerf darts stuck to windows and tv screens!  We would be getting our pre-kiddie house back!  When I was little I would have LOVED this room - there is even a "hide-y spot" under the stairs!).

(here are before and after shots)

What was not anticipated (even though they were super phyched about the room):

Our kids will not play in the basement.  

The room has become a toy storage room.  They cart the toys back upstairs to play throughout the house.

In a way it's nice that they want to spend time upstairs with us - I'm sure once they become teenagers, the secluded basement will be their room of choice... especially once they start dating.

So - a lesson I have learned (my husband, not so much) is that toys will remain in and around our house for years to come.  Deal with it.

It's not "if you build it they will come" it's "go with the flow" (or end up having a stroke).

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