Wednesday, August 01, 2012

WWWWDo? (What Would Wonder Woman Do?)

I've wanted a tattoo for years.  The first time I tried to get one, I was 21 and was going to get a small heart (the symbol for my name) - I ended up having a panic attack outside the shop.  It wasn't until I turned 34 that I got my tatt.  I love my tattoo and wish it was visible so I could show it off.

Why Wonder Woman?  In the last 10 years I've rediscovered my love of Wonder Woman and all things "geek-y".  I've remembered playing with Justice League toys and She-Ra figurines (rather than Barbie) as a child.  Watching Spider-Man & Friends with my dad and brother, and playing Thundercats in grade 3 (I was always Cheetara).

Some people get a tattoo to represent a part of themselves, others respect and enjoy the art of tattooing itself.  My reason for getting one:  a tattoo was on by "bucket list".

With my new found memories of childhood role models, I was struck with the desire for a Wonder Woman tattoo.  More of an intuitive desire rather then for she represents.

There are so many versions of WW, that it took quite a while to find the one I wanted (the perfect mix of beauty and strength).

There are other images of comic book heroines I've come across that I love, but after being asked so many times what my tatt represents, I've given it some thought (after all there must have been a reason I chose her instead of others).  WW comes from a society with no men, and because of this, no oppression of women.  She stands for truth and equality.  She fights for what she believes is right and just.  She lives her life deliberately as her authentic self with courage and passion.

Ironically, Wonder Woman would never get a tattoo.

It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would (considering it's so large).  It took 6 sessions (including touch ups).  I LOVE my tattoo artist, a young women who owns her own shop in Milton and is passionate about her art.

My husband has a "whack" of tattoos, and our kids are constantly decorating themselves with non-permanent tattoos.  We won't mind when they want real ones - we just insist that they wait until they are 18 and are sure of what they want.

I'm ready for my next one - I just have to narrow down what I want and where.

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