Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Brave Prince vs. the Rolling Beast

This past weekend we attended my husband's company's annual Family Day at Canada's Wonderland.  (note to self: a "free" day a CW is still expensive!)  

The kids look forward to it every year (as do I), and every year we go I am reminded of DM's first roller coaster ride - The Ghoster Coaster.  He was only 3.5 years old.  Here is a little story I recently wrote to go along with the photo we bought in 2009:

Once upon a time, the brave Prince Damian wanted to ride a REAL roller-coaster.  Lo and behold, there - in the corner of the land - was a coaster for royalty of his... stature. 

He ran along the path that lead to the "beast", hearing the laughter and joyous screams of kids and parents alike.  He was excited, but a bit nervous.  He felt safe with his daddy, as they entered the coaster's lair.  

Choosing a cart, he sat down, butterflies fluttering in his tummy with anticipation.  

The bar came down to protect his tummy, and his daddy said "here we go!".  Too late to change his mind now.  Up, up, up the beast went and just when Damian thought it was too high - the hill peaked and they went racing down, down, down! 

Damian screamed and held on for dear life!  His daddy hugged him tight, told him it was "fun".  The ride was longer then Damian thought, up and down, left and right (would it EVER end?)!  

When the ride finally stopped brave Prince Damian looked up at his daddy and said "That was FUN!  Let's do it again!!!"

The End

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