Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Eight-Tracks to iPads

I was born in the age of eight-tracks and LPs.  Cassettes and CDs have come and gone as have VHS tapes and laserdiscs.  In 35 years computers have become portable and phones have become cordless.  Floppy discs (both 5.5” and 3.25”) have become flash-drives and “clouds”. 

Once in a while my mind boggles at the sheer rate technology advances.  I have kept up as best I can; I even enjoy learning new software and figuring out new gadgets, but my kid’s abilities to pick up a device and start using it always amazes me.  To them it seems to be second nature. 

I remember giggling when (at age one) my boys would be handed a new stuffie and the first thing they did was press it’s paw, wide eyed in anticipation of what song it would sing; what word it would utter or movement it would make.  When I bought them a stuffed animal that didn’t move I would have to clarify that it was a “hugging stuffie”. 

There is a You Tube video I came across a few months back in which a baby (maybe 9 months old) was swiping an iPad, watching the pictures change, the colours transform by her touch.  The iPad was then taken away and replaced with a magazine.  The first thing she did was press the pictures – nothing.  Swiped the page – no response.  It was cute but also interesting to watch.  

DX, our 4 year old, will not know a world without tv “On Demand” (he’s constantly asking us to pause the channel).  DM, our 6 year old, was playing a game on his father’s iPhone when I texted my husband.  Not knowing DM had the phone, I waited patiently for a response.  A few moments later I received this text:  “hi its me”.  My 6 year old son texted me!  I was blown away.  Watching them grow up surrounded by this technology makes me so much more aware of how very different the world becomes with each generation. 

I mean, can you imagine the technology our grandkids will be using in 30 years?  I wonder what will technology will have come and gone by 2042. . .   

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