Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That Dreaded Call

This morning I recieved the call from the elementarty school that every parent dreads - 5 minutes after the bell my 6 year old's backpack was in the school yard, but my 6 year old was missing!

After a pause my first responce was to ask (a bit numbly) "What do we do?" The secretary suggested I start driving to the school to see if he was walking home.

Trying desperatly not to freak my 4 year old out, I packed him up and started down the driveway.

My cell rang.

DM was safe in the office. They found him walking home because he forgot his milk money.

This kid will be the death of me.

We have had the talk about not leaving the school with anyone but Mommy/Daddy or our emergency contacts, we've talked about staying with the group on school trips, he knows not to leave the school grounds at recess and to wait at the door (not in the playground) for us after school.

This situation (aparently) did not fall into any of the previous instructions. It was not recess, he made sure he didn't leave with anyone, and HE knew where he was going and what he was doing.

There lies the problem. I have one son who is scared to do anything on his own, and one that does ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on his own because HE knows what he's doing. We have had to be one step ahead of him since he could crawl. It's exausting.

I had the worst senarioes playing out in my head (namely one invoving an unmarked van!). I think having DX with me kept me from freaking out too much - although he did tell me he was sorry for making me angry (I explained I was worried about DM, not angry).

So - lesson? I can't control every situation? Don't freak out (too soon)? I honestly don't know. Everytime we think we have all angles covered he surprises us. I remind myself that this ability will help him succeed in his life. It's back to the old - "I hope they make the right decisions" mantra again.

Maybe the school would consider an invisible fence collar??? Knowing DM, he would find a way around it.

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