Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A (bittersweet) turning point

Yesterday my boys spent five unsupervised hours playing cooperatively - with each other!

This is a turning point for our family.  For six and a half years we have had to supervise, and/or break up arguments between brothers.  Don't get me wrong, they have been playing with each other for a couple years, but now (at 6 and 4 years old) the boys are able to interact with each other and have fun for long periods of time without fighting... this is so liberating!
I was in the living room reading (Fifty Shades of Grey - yes, it's as "yummy" as hype is huge!) my husband was upstairs and the boys were playing in the backyard.  Other than dinnertime, they were out there for five hours, running, climbing, playing sliding, playing with the dog, getting completely covered in mud and dirt - it was AWESOME!  I kept looking back there, wondering when the screaming (or bleeding) would start.  But it never did.

There was a part of me (a small part) that felt a bit sad, realizing the day they won't need me is closer then it used to be.  But I was also excited for them, for the coming years of friendship and adventures they'll have together.  I have so many wonderful, fun memories playing with my brother when we were kids, my hope has always been that they will build a lifetime of happy sibling memories together.

Watching them play together; seeing the older one help the younger;  I feel privileged to witness their relationship grow, and who knows, maybe we'll get to sleep in past 7:30 on the weekends soon!

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